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Thread: Popped pimple wound or pressure ulcer?

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    Popped pimple wound or pressure ulcer?

    Every now and then I get blackheads, pimples, cysts, etc on my butt (usually the left cheek, which I think also gets a bit more pressure than my right cheek). The pimples/cysts are generally a little firm, and can get larger (inflamed?) when I've sat on something hard, like the toilet while catheterizing or having a BM - my ROHO cushion, on the other hand, doesn't cause this to happen.

    Had another one of these starting around last weekend, and then it popped about three days ago. Usually when this happens, I'll throw a bandaid over it to prevent it from rubbing, or coming into contact with anything dirty, while it heals, which usually only takes a couple days. This time around, it looks like it's still draining slightly after the third day, so I'm wondering if at this point this is a sore, or still just a popped pimple, but taking longer to heal because it's right over a bony prominence, and the top layer of new skin keeps getting pulled off with the bandaid when I shower.
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