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Thread: Resolved: Catheter Clogging

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    I've had a suprapubic catheter since 2009. The district nurses normally like to leave them around eight or nine weeks in between changing. For the first few months of me having the catheter everything seemed okay. I don't know how long it was, probably a year or so but that nine weeks in between changing became eight, then seven, then six, it now quite common for me to have to change between two and four weeks.

    It's normally when I've just got into bed in the evening when I get the problem occurring. I don't know about other people, but I always seem to bypass through the penis if I've got a problem with the suprapubic. Even when I'm bypassing 9/10 I will also be draining through the catheter at the same time. It's very rare that my catheter completely blocks.

    At the beginning of the year I was checked for bladder stones. No stones were found, in fact the surgeon commented on how healthy the bladder looked. During the day surgery operation they changed the catheter. This catheter put in at day surgery lasted nine weeks with no problems. The nurses then changed the catheter at home and within a week I was having the same problems.

    I went to see another urologist a few weeks ago and one of the suggestions he made was I take Nitrofurantoin. I had my own suggestion which was to have a weekly bladder wash which he was okay with. The nurses don't normally like doing bladder washes but with the doctors permission they agreed to come in once a week and perform a bladder wash. My understanding is that there is no real evidence to prove that bladder washes work either way. Some people seem to benefit from having them whilst other people say they don't help at all. Anyway, I decided to go down the bladder wash route for the time being and leave the tablets as a last option. In four weeks I've had to have the catheter changed once.

    I think it's still too early to say whether the bladder wash is the answer to stopping the suprapubic from playing up. I have started drinking a lemon or lime hot drink a couple of times a day because I was told it can stop particles forming in your urine which may contribute to blockage. Again, I don't see much evidence that this helps much because I've still had a few problems even though I been drinking them.

    A blocked catheter can be a real pain and you do need to get the district nurses out straightaway. However, it doesn't happen very often and it saves me having to wear an external catheter. Anyone who has worn external catheters before will know that they do come off occasionally and you are left to pee into your trousers. At least this can't happen with a catheter. I think the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to suprapubic catheters..

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    My case sounds fairly similar to you: my urologist also found no signs of stones and said that my bladder is one of the healthiest that he's seen. Since having clogging problems, I have also tried the bladder irrigation daily/every other day, and it seemed to help with extending the time between changes for me. I think that the sandy sediment is especially skilled at sticking in the to and not flowing through. I hope that this continues to work for you!

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