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Thread: This Magical-Sounding Nanochip Can Heal Wounds With A Single Touch

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    This Magical-Sounding Nanochip Can Heal Wounds With A Single Touch

    Created by The Ohio State University, the technology is known as Tissue Nanotransfection (THT). It involves using a nanotechnology-based chip and placing it on the skin of a patient. It can convert an adult cell from one type to another, simply by ?zapping? the device with a small electrical charge. The procedure is non-invasive. The findings are published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.
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    Wow pretty amazing!!!

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    I need that. Like now.
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    Can it cure Spinal injuries too?

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    Reprogramming cells with a nanochip, electricity and DNA to help the body to heal itself
    August 9, 2017
    / Todd Dubnicoff

    The axolotl, a member of the salamander family, has amazing regenerative abilities. You can cut off its limbs or crush its spinal cord and it will repair itself with no scarring. A human?s healing powers, of course, are much more limited.

    To get around this unfortunate fact, the field of regenerative medicine aims to develop stem cell-based therapies that provide the body with that extra oomph of regenerative ability to rid itself of disease or injury. But most of the current approaches in development rely on complex and expensive manufacturing processes in clinical labs before the cells can be safely transplanted in a patient?s body. Wouldn?t it be nice if we could just give the cells already in our bodies some sort of spark to allow them to repair other diseased or damaged cells?

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    Promising tech...

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