Not the conversation I expected with my doctor. Numb in emotion and carrying on and also appreciate my doctor's candor and care. Life continues and life is beautiful with good things happening. My husband and I not necessarily prepared. We watched a movie and carried on with a normal evening.

I had posted asking a bit about bruising a bit ago and about a couple of things physically.

So, I had my appointment with my doctor. She had ordered a chest x-ray and Pulmonary Function Testing. First was clear, and the second came back with moderate to severe. the treatment they gave me and redid the test did not help which told them it is not in my lungs. My chest muscles or respiratory muscle is not able to expand and contract properly.

Treatment is first steroid infusions. In 2015 it kept me from having a breathing tube.

But the conversation turned to asking me what I wanted and what I would do if I couldn't swallow/eat. or breathe?

what would I do, what would I want?

I said, yes to both feeding tube and whatever to breathe and keep going.

Emotionally I am numb still today.

As changes happen? any of you have experience to share? How did life and emotions carry on for you?

Don't know whether this is best for life? Care? or SCI/D category best?

Thanks, C

And, I look forward to next week. I am going to my first SCI support group.