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Thread: ROHO cushion covers bunching?

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    ROHO cushion covers bunching?

    Going off of zagam's points about avoiding sheering, does anyone have any problems with ROHO cushion covers bunching up and cutting? Sorry so graphic ? I sustained some crazy wound about a week ago, where it seems like the top layer of skin sliced off. Could not figure out how it happened, is the disturbing part.

    After healing for a couple days, I got up for less than 2 hours to eat, exercise arms, and recline watching Game of Thrones. Discomfort started only when I reclined. Back in bed my wife said the general area was improved but that a cut had reopened.

    Now I've got religion and am on serious bed rest. I guess the reinjury is no mystery, but the initial injury baffles. We moisturize, use a Hoyer and try to be careful about sheer. When the time comes, how do I avoid reinjury when I don't know what caused it in the first place? My DME provider knows of no ROHO bunching issue.


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    Hi Spitzbub,

    The bunching of our current cover top material would be a new issue for me as well, and I have a long history of working for ROHO. Can you send me a picture of the cover in question? Do you know the age of that cover?
    Contact me directly ( and we'll figure out where to go with this.



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