Hello Everyone,
I'm looking for advice on hiring a new CNA. I just fired the one who had been working for me for past 4 years, finally! I found a temporary replacement but she can only work for a couple of weeks. I'm a long-time quad but I've pretty much always got my care through agencies. Over the years, I may have hired one or or two on my own and the last one was referred by a friend. I've seen some people mention employment contracts, can someone post a sample copy? With regards to background checks, which is the best website for this? My last CNA occasionally cathed me, is catheterization something I can put in as a requirement (or at least mention) in an ad on Care.com? Also, what do you all pay your aids per hour? I was paying the last CNA $17 an hour but most CNA's I've interviewed with recently want $20 an hour.
Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated!