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Thread: Car Accident

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    Hi everyone!

    I had the unfortunate experience of getting in an accident. The other driver was at fault and issued a citation for failure to yield to oncoming traffic. I believe my car (Mazda 5) is going to be totaled out.

    I have a few questions, if anyone can advise me that would be great!

    1. Will the other insurance company pay for my accessibility modifications? My wheelchair lift, transfer seat, and hand controls were paid for by my Vocational Rehabilitation grant, but I did not carry insurance for them. Should I be looking to remove them from the car at the scrap yard, or leave them go and sue the insurance company for its value?

    2. Do I get an attorney? I was pretty banged up but did not have any structural damage. Back and neck hurt.

    3. I do not have insurance for rental coverage by my own company. Will the other company reimburse me for the rental costs afterward?

    4. Is there anything else I need to know? I've never been in an accident (where the other person is at fault).

    5. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!! Everything was going so good. I have a girlfriend now, I literally started a new job a week ago, I had a great birthday party, grad school is going awesome. And then this happens. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen for a few days and then this shit went and hit the fan. aer;ogjawersotgawer;ogmawe4;om324q;oitnm324o;itjq3 4. /rage

    Thank you ^_^
    1) They might if you get an attorney to fight for it. I'm not sure that removing them from the car prior to settling on it is a good idea. Ask an attorney. In my accident they even covered items that were in the car and broken due to the collision. If you want the parts you can buy back the totalled vehicle from the insurance company at scrap value. Once they settle on it they then own the vehicle, so no, you can't then just go and remove parts from the car at the junkyard afterwards.
    2) Yes, get an attorney. I still have back pain from an accident in 1983 even though I didn't break my back. I broke other things but not my spine. Back then I never thought I'd still have pain from an accident 35 years ago but I do.
    3) Doubtful but they might.
    4) I was advised by my attorney to immediately start keeping a diary of any new pain I was having since the accident. Also, note any extra difficulties you are having because of the accident. Be descriptive and include all times and date. If it goes to court you'll be glad you did this.
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    Attorney cost money. If they don't see 10 to 12 grand in it for them they are of little use unless you can get attorney paid for by the person that hit you. I went threw this on a roof damage by hail. My lawyer said even if you win you will owe me 12 grand the price of the roof. Ins. co. know this all you can do is go by Kelly blue book. And you can go get your hand controls. They are not part of the car. Any body can put them on a car they will fit. You bought them at the time. They are not part of the original part of the car like anything you add to it like a different radio and such. All you have to say you want to get some of your personal stuff out of it and take someone with you if you want them. Your attorney is after injury to you is were the money is at. Not in the car.

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    You don't pay for an attorney for an injury in a car accident up front. They take a part of the injury settlement, usually 30%. If they don't win, they don't get paid. You don't need multiple attorneys, you can ask that attorney about the modifications. There are also free attorneys available for advice for the disabled. Call one. If the person that hits you doesn't have insurance then your insurance pays your medical bills and covers your car (as stated in your policy) and then goes after the other driver. Don't assume you can just take whatever you want off the car. I've been through it after being in a car accident, not roof damage. The insurance company sent out an Adjuster to pay for the vehicle. They covered everything, including personal items which were damaged in the car. After that they owned it - all of it. In my case I wanted the drive train and other parts off the car so I had to negotiate to buy back my totalled vehicle, personal items and all.

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    In Minnesota my insurance covered all my handicap related equipment. even though the state put in the new lift. I just had the receipts. Mine caught fire from a d.... mouse nest. Actually got 6k more than I paid for it, though I had recently had the transmission replaced. Still made money. You will need to buy it back to get any equipment off it. But here nobody will reinstall equipment that they not take out.

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