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Thread: Motion Composites Veloce Wheelchair 8 month Review

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    Motion Composites Veloce Wheelchair 8 month Review

    I've had my Motion Composites Carbon Fiber folding Veloce wheelchair for around 8 months now and just thought I'd post a short review of how it is working out. My chair has the 80 degree front end and the 24 inch Spinergy Wheels. I did not like the stock backrest which had the backrest posts sticking up that would dig into my back so I custom made a backrest with leather end pieces sewn over the posts and it's working out great, very comfortable, back rest height is 14 inches, seems like a good compromise between maneuverability and comfort for me.

    The Chair is very lightweight and really makes a big difference loading and unloading it from the car. I pop the wheels off and fold the frame and lift it over myself getting into the car and put the frame on the passenger seat. My car has a fairly wide center console and with my old Aluminum Folding wheelchair this was very difficult, not so much with the Veloce. I really like the feel of the carbon fiber frame over that of aluminum, feels nice to the touch and looks great too. I have the Spinergy Spox wheel option and these work out great on this chair. I originally had the stock Newton wheels that came with the chair and did not like those very much, they were heavier and for some reason the bead of the tire kept popping off on the right wheel? I changed tires and it still did the same thing, I guess the wheel must have been out of round or something? I never did figure that one out, anything over 40 psi in the tire and the bead of the Marathon tire would be sticking out.

    The chair pushes very nice, great going on uphills, more easy to push than my old aluminum chair. The chair is very smooth over bumps, it's as if it has suspension, rides like a luxury car, lol. The 17" wide x 18 " long frame weighs in around 12 lbs, so very light. The chair is very solid, unlike anything I've felt in any wheelchair I've ever had before. No creeks or noise, totally quiet. I like the action of the toggle style brakes, when they are released they spring back nicely. I wish the mechanism that holds down the carbon fiber footrest where a little different. To lock it down you twist it, at least once a day my foot hits it and then the next time I lift my foot the footplate falls to the ground on the left side and I have to reach down and lift it back into the locking place and lock the twist lock. I don't see anyway of tightening this.

    I have no fear of taking this chair on a flight as the frame does seem very solid and I really doubt unless they did something really stupid they would be able to break this frame. These chairs are not cheap, mine was well over $4000.00 with the carbon fiber footrest option and the Spinergy wheels, but I would say well worth it.

    Hopefully I will have this chair for many more years and it will be trouble free. If not trouble free Motion Composites in Canada seems to have very good customer Service and I'm sure would stand behind the chair. There is a five year warrantee on the Frame. I bought the chair through I would highly recommend this wheelchair, I think it is the future of manual push chairs. Some people I know have complained that the chair being so light moves around some when transferring into it, while that is true to a certain extent, it does not really bother me and has not been a issue for me. Perhaps with a lighter cushion like a Supracore this might be more of issue but my cushion is rather heavy as I use a Jay J2, which is around 4 lbs more heavy than a lot of other cushions. I mainly use it because I find it very comfortable and supportive and have never had one skin breakdown in over 36 years using Jays.
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    Thanks for the info. Am ordering my first new chair and considering Apex chair. Sorry to hear about the Newton tires and the uncomfortable back, but the rest sounds hopeful.

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    I’ve had an Apex for about 6 weeks, it’s ok but definitely has its quirks. I’ll elaborate when I have more time.

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    The Veloce is still working out very well. Quite sometime ago I had a custom leather backrest made for the chair at a upholster shop and it turned out great. The Spinergy rims I ended up getting on the chair have worked out well. At this point I've had the chair around 2 years and it seems to be holding up well.
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    Just out of curiosity, why do you use a folding chair if you put it in your passenger seat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stsmark View Post
    I’ve had an Apex for about 6 weeks, it’s ok but definitely has its quirks. I’ll elaborate when I have more time.
    I would like to hear your initial thoughts on your use so far. MC takes end user info seriously, i would like to pass your feedback regarding quirks to them. ive sold a few units with good feedback so far. now that they are d's locks compatible i will be getting one myself rep
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    Hi all,
    So my Apex was speced at Abilities Expo in the Bay Area in Oct. I saw they were a vendor and reached to MC and their local rep. regarding lead time. The demo Apex they had didn’t really fit me but I pushed around a little and was impressed by the weight and general appearance. The rep measured my Lasher and introduced me to a Southbay DME and it was agreed they would deliver it upon arrival. (about 80 miles)

    I’ve only had 1 chair prior for 7 years, a Lasher BTX. Great chair but my Spasicity has ramped due to PPMS and while it has an adjustable cg between 3 and 5” I have issues planking out when pushing up an incline. Couple out the backs on bad days.

    My Apex is 17x16 85 degree front, 15” back with folding handles, anti tips (figured why not) 5 in soft rolls, 25 in Carbon Blades, adjustable back upholstery, carbon side guards. About 7k total. I asked for CG at 1.5 figuring I could tweak as wanted as the entire chair bolts together. It arrived with the CG at zero, again figuring I’ll tweak as necessary.

    Why do I call it quirky?

    1. Carbon behaves differently, there is a give before it firms up, if I go over something off camber say angled over door threshold I can feel the footplate twist then the seat base twist underneath me. I think this would be like stiff folder is the best way to put it.
    2. That spring in the front end also causes the casters to be more sensitive to catching on small objects. Amplified by the CG in my case.
    3. The caster arms are clamped to the front frame with 2 pinch bolts. After I had it about 2 weeks in noticed the left had rotated back about 1/4 to 3/8”.
    4. The back has very cool locking system that works both directions, however on mine the right side won’t lock in the down position as the plunger and hole are misaligned by about an 1/8” when the left is latched. When I do fold the back up I’ve had about six times where there is a loud metallic bang (like a hammer on a piece of metal) and I can feel the right side move. It happens when I’m sitting in the chair and I put some weight on the back I have verified the plunger is in the latch prior to transferring.
    5. The adjustable back upholstery uses Velcro straps which on my right side make a very loud crunching or grunting noise as they rotate around the back cane under movement.

    About 3 weeks ago I sent an email to MCs Support link with pictures which was bounced back due to some server config issue on their end. I then sent it to the local rep (not dealer) and asked him to forward. Radio silence for 5 days I sent another to him, no response yet. A couple days later I sent it to the info @ MC address and a gent named Paul answered and suggested I get in touch with local rep. or the dealer. He said don’t touch the caster arm or CG as they don’t want them touched in the field even by their people. I already realigned and leveled the caster out of necessity. I’m a Flight Safety Certified Master Tech on multiple Business Jet platforms so I’m comfortable with anything on my chair.

    John the D’s Locks comment is disappointing as I inquired at the Expo, I have them on my Lasher. Would you mind asking if they can be added after the fact? All my wheels have rings already.
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    good feedback, thank you.
    as for d's you can now purchase an aluminum camber tube now that works with d's. i dont see why you couldnt add it to your chair. reach out an tell them i mentioned it to you. rep
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