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Thread: Quads and Windshield Wiper knobs

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    Quads and Windshield Wiper knobs

    What modifications have any of you guys done that help you turn the knob (on the end of the turn signal lever) to turn on your wipers? Pictures would be superb.
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    I think this would be an excellent application of this product, which you could mold to the knob to make it knobby instead of so smooth:


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    Perhaps using a wire tie or two and mount some type of lever would work?

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    The companies who adapt vehicles will normally come up with all kinds of ingenious ways to operate controls. However, it's always scares the hell out of me when I see YouTube videos of tetraplegic's driving vehicles with the absolute minimum adaptions.

    Sometimes you have to operate windscreen wipers very quickly. If you've got a simple adaption to turn the knob on the end of the stick then it will involve taking your hand off the steering wheel or the brake/accelerator. If you have extreme limitations and finger and hand movement then my advice would be to invest in a specialised bleeper system which is much safer for tetraplegic's when driving.

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    We used a simple hose clamp like this one in the photo to give me a nub to push on. Going out in a few so I'll take a photo of mine and post it.
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    Take a piece of firm wire or small diameter flexible rod and bend it into the shape of an L. Anchor the small end of the L to the shifter with the hose clamp and now the long end of the L sticks up and provides leverage to turn the knob. A much bigger target than the nub on a hose clamp. You can wrap the rod in tape or slip piece of surgical tubing over it and anchor in place. Or you can dip the whole piece in a rubberizing product doing multiple dips to thicken it up. The long end of the L is a need to be more than an 1" to 1.5".

    Before tightening the hose clamp rotate the wire to get the most comfortable angle for you.

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