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Thread: bruises anything that helps?

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    bruises anything that helps?

    I seemed to keep getting bruises. I was pretty sure they are from my wheelchair, the leg rest sides and transferring. I know some that happen at the sides of my knees get bruised from transferring. but I am not sure. I did leave a message for my doctor asking how do you know if bruising is normal or not.

    This is happening parallel on my legs. Mostly these dime size bruises. sore.

    I had a silver dollar size perfectly round on my backside. It did heal. thankfully. It was pretty deep color with these funny striations.

    I just don't remember bruises like this.

    I have fallen missing transfers lately. and my doctors had pulmonary function tests which I will get those results because I have been having breathing issues and my O2 stats are down but not ER down. 93-97 fluxuating depending on activity level. My docs said if it goes 92 or lower than go to ER. So, I am monitoring. chest xray was clear.

    If I could just get a full breath I would be fine. In the mean time I am exhausted.

    My husband tends to want me just to rest but I can't keep resting. I am rested out! The metaphorical walls are caving in on me.

    I know I will get some answers next week, have to admit I am little scared. The unknown can be a bit of a nightmare if I let it.

    Is this a part of my new normal? Anything that helps?

    Thanks for letting me share. It seems to help to get it out of the hamster wheel in my head that can get going in circles.

    much love, C
    Non-traumatic SCI. Art, Poetry, and the Great Outdoors; these are my passions. My motto: Paint much love, always ~ Connie

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    The trauma and skin pressure factors you mentioned could be the cause. Certain medications including steroids, aspirin, anti-coagulant and anti-platelet drugs can increase bruising risk. The dietary supplement Ginko has a blood thinning effect in some people.
    If you're on any of these and having a lot of bruising, let your doctor know when you see him/her next week.

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    Wondering if doc will suggest sleep study to determine if your CO2 levels dip overnight, possibly causing your daytime exhaustion from sleep issues.
    Glad you are getting doctor to review your situation - hang in there - it takes time.

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    2drwhofans - thanks. yes, I was taking an aspirin a day and have stopped. My doctor had me taking it.

    triumph - I have had previous sleep studies for this. I do not have obstructive sleep apnea but I do have issues. Part of the exhaustion is my disease. I have little energy stores so it does not take a lot to have overwhelming exhaustion.

    Recently it is worse by getting out of breath rolling to the bathroom or brushing teeth.

    thanks, just a little overwhelmed. and okay too. I attempt to dial it back and meditate and enter back into the moment, because life is really stunning. I believe that.

    And, I don't want the doctors to say, "Connie, now is the time we talked about. Getting more aggressive with treatment and going on long term immunosuppressant therapy. I just am unable to say yes. My body has been through enough. There is no guarantee that it will even stop the progression so why put myself through it.

    So, that is part of my fear. or whatever the emotion is.

    have a great Saturday, C
    Non-traumatic SCI. Art, Poetry, and the Great Outdoors; these are my passions. My motto: Paint much love, always ~ Connie

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    Has he checked your CBC and electrolytes, thyroid? If hemoglobin low then check Iron, B12. Do you take a multivitamin?

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    [QUOTE=cklovesflowers;1837126] thanks. yes, I was taking an aspirin a day and have stopped. My doctor had me taking it.

    Does your doctor know you stopped? Aspirin, when recommended by doctors , can be preventive for certain medical conditions.

    I hope your appointment goes well.

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    2drwhofans - no, my doc does not yet know I stopped. She said it was a good idea with regard to blood clots. But I got scared with this strange bruising. Next week I was going to tell her.

    CWO - They have not but the PA did mention Iron, because I happen to mention my hamburger obsession just making the mood light. I assumed my body just wanted fat and protein. I eat many hamburgers in cycles until my body says, okay thanks! Same with salt; in cycles.

    Anyway, I am going to assume they will be doing bloodwork. My sodium and potassium get low on occasion. My thyroid has been fine when checked.

    I already take B12, D (on and off), and a Biotin with C supplement. My B12 was in grey area last checked so they treat me as if I have a deficiency. My D gets low but comes back up. and I was told Biotin can help with the Alopecia and the regrowth of hair. Which, I am happy little tiny hairs are showing these days! As an aside, I think the Biotin helps with my energy reserves.

    Thank you. and thanks for listening.
    Non-traumatic SCI. Art, Poetry, and the Great Outdoors; these are my passions. My motto: Paint much love, always ~ Connie

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