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Thread: Greasing front casters?

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    Greasing front casters?

    I tried searching but couldn't find anything... Sorry...

    My husband pushed my TiLite ZRA, a couple years old, through some massive sand. Now my front casters are covered in sand and looking dry. How should I clean them and grease them up? Is WD 40 not a good thing to use?


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    They are sealed bearings that can't be readily greased. Hopefully, the sand didn't get beyond the seals. If the caster are spinning freely, without any real drag, or noise, I wouldn't worry about them.

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    If your concerns persist, go to a shop that sells rollerblades and parts. The bearings are the same and very inexpensive.

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    Is there a good way to clean off the sand that is sticking? I pulled out all the hair and compared to normal there wasn't very much, but there are still clumps of sand on each side of the wheel between the forks...


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    I just use a spray cleaner like Spray Nine and hose of with a garden hose. Wet with the cleaner, using a brush to loosen the crud and hit it with a blast from the hose.

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    might want to take the casters all the way off and wipe off all the sand. Water is much more likely to get into a sealed bearing than sand (though I wouldn't be too worried about either)

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    Is this salt water beach sand? If so, try not to get it wet or salt could get to the bearings and eventually corrode them.
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    Just take the casters off to clean them well, and with bearings for those at .50 a pop, change them for good luck. Done

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    I've always used compressed air to blow dirt and grime off of the area.
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    Once again, wet with a cleaning solution, blast with garden hose. Done. If you feel resistance, or hear crunching, follow Andy's advice.

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