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Thread: How to carry smartphone on your chair

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    I recently stopped carryng my smart phone and now just set aside certain times of day to check it.

    Smart phones are going to come back and bite us. At my last two employers, I noticed some people during "invite only" meetings were dialing numbers, putting their phones on mute and then setting them on the table, for whomever is on the other end of the line to take in the whole discussion. My employers are also reading and listening in on the smartphone text, internet and phone activity on their networks. In their mind its on their network so it is subject to security protocols.

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    Back to "how to carry a smart phone", I wear a strap around around my legs right below my knees. I hang the phone on it in a regular belt holster.

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    I have a Hazard 4 ( pouch that is zip tied to my chair. Holds a ton of stuff and is a quick reach for concealed carry.
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