I would imagine that the majority of us that use the Roho will all agree that it's an extremely efficient pressure relieving cushion. However, the biggest flaw it has is if it develops a leak during the day and you don't realise. A pressure sore can develop in as little as an hour, even less with some people.

What's needed is some kind of alarm system that will alert you if the pressure of cushion suddenly starts dropping. I thought of some kind of attachment that could be put on for the valve, this could have an audible alarm that would sound if the pressure of the cushion dropped. Another idea I had was to have some kind of membrane that could be attached to the bottom of the cushion, little bit like what they use for pressure mapping. This could have sensors that could detect if your back side came in direct contact with the bottom of the chair seat.I am aware that this could increase the cost of the cushion. However, I would willingly pay extra for something that could save you having to spend weeks in bed. Anyway, just an idea I had considering the problems I've been having.

That said, the Roho is still the best cushion in my opinion. It's just a case of being cautious and keeping a close eye on the Roho.