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Thread: ReNetX Bio Launched to Advance Innovative Neuro-Regenerative Technology Developed at

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    Never mind I thought he was talking about a different company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nphuskers View Post
    Where did you get that they'll change the focus if successful? Story came out at the end of July that they wanted to start trials on chronic spinal cord injuries in 2018. They have on their website that they want proof of concept done in 2020.


    "The trial, which is pending regulatory approval, could begin in as little as 15 months and, if successful, the treatment could begin to restore some sensation and control to patients? limbs within six months to a year. From there, the company would seek to apply the therapy to glaucoma and then stroke damage."
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    Quote Originally Posted by nphuskers View Post
    I saw this on twitter "Excellent talk from Prof Martin Schwab on phase II clinical trial of anti-Nogo 1 antibodies for #SCI at #isrt2017 @SpinalResearch" (can't figure out how to link tweets) also said they are starting phase II or treatment trials in Dec/Jan

    It was retweeted by spinalresearch
    I'm thinking this isn't connected to ReNetx. There's no mention of Martin Schwab on their website and Schwab did an acute trial of anti-nogo 2006-2011 in Switzerland. Probably a similar situation to chondoitinase, where there are multiple people trying to develop a therapy that aren't connected.

    Also it states on their website they want to use this treatment for acute sci, glaucoma, and stroke. But their first priority is getting it available for chronic sci.

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