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Thread: ReNetX Bio Launched to Advance Innovative Neuro-Regenerative Technology Developed at

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    ReNetX Bio Launched to Advance Innovative Neuro-Regenerative Technology Developed at

    So I was searching online and I found this article about a company named ReNetX Bio that has just announced the initiation of a Series A financing round to fund its first clinical trial of its lead therapeutic candidate, Nogo Trap, in patients with chronic spinal cord injury. I personally think it's awesome that more people are doing or are planning do clinical trails for Chronic SCI.


    Company Website:

    Yale Discovery:


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    Let us see if nogo works in chronic patients specially lower lumbosacral injuries too to restore BBS function

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    Exciting that they're starting with chronic injuries. The more trials they can get going for SCIs the better. Looks like they want to start in 2018, hope everything goes smooth.

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    So it seems like they have secured enough funding to start the trail.

    "The company has raised about $20 million from the National Institutes of Health and other sources to carry out the first stages of a trial involving people with tetraplegia, paralysis of all four limbs and the torso."

    "The trial, which is pending regulatory approval, could begin in as little as 15 months and, if successful, the treatment could begin to restore some sensation and control to patients’ limbs within six months to a year. From there, the company would seek to apply the therapy to glaucoma and then stroke damage."


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    Great news. Have they published details on how study participants might apply? I live in the region and fit the criteria.
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    I emailed ReNetX and here's the response I got:

    Thanks so much for reaching out. We are in conversations with the FDA on the clinical trials for late 2018 and will keep you in the loop with next steps.

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    Keep it going, keep it going! It sounds great.

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