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Thread: life is fun again

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    life is fun again

    moved to panhandle fl last year my sis lives across the canal met a gal on golf cart invited me to a church group i went enjoyed then started to chapel services met a great bunch of people. we all so bike together thanks to john and they have

    a beach jam last night was the 80.s we partied like rock stars they dam near spun me out of my chair. they had corn hole which the sand i could not do but they said next time they do 1in street so my sis and i can whip butt

    people are so friendly here i am out on bike you stop visit then ride on i don/t worry about me becoming a hood ornament for a car here

    we gather on monday at the flagpole to watch the sunset over the water wow is all i can say

    had a touch of heat over heated thurs i called 1 of the girls next thing i knew i had 4 of them within 15 minutes to 2 hrs checkin on me

    i love it here life is no longer 1 long day after another

    thank ypu john for bike thank my sister forfinding this place
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    Sounds awesome vicky. Your living the good life. rep
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    That sounds great, I am so happy for you!
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    It was there. Just took a little exploring and desire to find it. May you continue to enjoy your new friends and what comes with it. Happy for you.
    I refuse to tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death.

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    so happy for you, warms me inside to read this.

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    You lost me at "Corn hole" - But hey, i don't judge. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyCrip View Post
    You lost me at "Corn hole" - But hey, i don't judge. :-)

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    Happy to hear that vjls, its important to find fun things to do

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    Wonderful. thank you for sharing your happiness. encouraging and hopeful. and just gives a smile and little lighter feeling. C
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    awesome! i was just in panama city beach for a week and had alot of fun fishing and whatnot. the locals dont seem to like tourists though. i guess southern hospitality does not stretch that far south.

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