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Thread: Helping to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections with Microcyn Technology

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    Hydrocleanse, depending upon how often you flush and the quantity used is not inexpensive. I am thinking of moving towards instilling gentamicin instead, which, even when considering the out-of-pocket cost for needles/syringes and more saline, would be the same if not less than the Hydrocleanse irrigation.

    For quite some time now, my UTI's aren't characterized by fever, but rather generalized increase in spasticity, pelvic pain/spasticity, foul-smelling/looking urine, prematurely leakage, lower than typical volume, and the usual bad results on the urinalysis. I hate taking antibiotic, but these are not to make one's life miserable, though I wind up taking antibiotic probably 3 to 4 times a year. Multiply that more or less by 31 years and that is a lot of antibiotic, not to mention that administered during procedures and when hospitalized, which are nuclear powered IV antibiotics.

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    I had my kidneys checked. Best kidneys they have seen that day with GFR 90+ and creatine great. Quad for 45 years.

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    Difference between Puracyn/Vetericyn

    I've been using these products to irrigate my bladder for a resistant Pseudomonas infection since back when Suzanne had their initial thread, and never had a problem. Recently I switched to Puracyn, because it was cheaper and more available on Amazon. I also since switching noticed redness and irritation. I never had experience previously. The ingredients looked to be exactly the same. Wondering if anyone else had a similar problem. Thanks

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    I don't keep up with these products like GJ used to. The only thing I can suggest is while the ingredients may be the same, it could be the % of the ingredients that is causing the problem you are experiencing. Both Vetericyn and Puracyn has "Plus" formulations. Both product lines are manufactured by Innovacyn in Rialto, CA. You might look them up and give them a call to speak with someone who may be able to tell you the differences in ingredients and per cents of ingredients in each.


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    Hi! I am new to posting to your fabulous community. I am the caretaker for a 39 year old man who has paralysis from spina bifida. UTI and kidney stones have been his main issues for 20 years, and we have used the microcyn protocol for uti for one year successfully until now. He has been very tired, just got his urine cultured with 3 bacteria. He has no other symptoms other then cloudy urine at the end of intermittent catheterizations He has had many antibiotic problems and wants to avoid them if he can..We are rethinking the microcyn protocol... We are planning upon doing several bladder washes with 120 ml of "microcyn" like liquid, hoping to really get that biofilm infiltrated, and then to follow up with 60 ml infusions 4 -6x per day for 4-7 days. How can we afford this? After hours of research we are confident that we can make our own, safe, therapeutic HOCL solution with a machine that we bought, we think we can make our own HOCL solution with the same parameters as Microcyn. We will have test strips to check the ppm and ph of the final solution. We will post our results. Also I found this ridiculously inexpensive HOCL product...worthy to is PH neutral..HOCL .017%...if that seems too strong could it be diluted?...CleanSmart Nursery Disinfectant...$10.49 for 2 pack of 23 ounces. Questions to ask using are it's shelf life for that strength and how to dilute to get the right therapeutic % for installations. Thank you all for your selfless sharing...wishing healing to all.

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    Double dose of oregano essential oil in caplets on first sign of smelly or foggy urine is what I think it is helping me to stay without UTI.

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    I use the essential oils also. I add lemon with the oregano. Have not been to a doctor in the past 4years for a uti.

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