Hydrocleanse, depending upon how often you flush and the quantity used is not inexpensive. I am thinking of moving towards instilling gentamicin instead, which, even when considering the out-of-pocket cost for needles/syringes and more saline, would be the same if not less than the Hydrocleanse irrigation.

For quite some time now, my UTI's aren't characterized by fever, but rather generalized increase in spasticity, pelvic pain/spasticity, foul-smelling/looking urine, prematurely leakage, lower than typical volume, and the usual bad results on the urinalysis. I hate taking antibiotic, but these are not to make one's life miserable, though I wind up taking antibiotic probably 3 to 4 times a year. Multiply that more or less by 31 years and that is a lot of antibiotic, not to mention that administered during procedures and when hospitalized, which are nuclear powered IV antibiotics.