I'm a C7 with non-symmetrical control. Meaning my left side of my body has less control whereas my right side more or less has full control. For instance, my right stomach muscles are strong but my left stomach muscles are non-existent.

The problem I regularly encounter is my right stomach muscles will tighten up and almost lockup. Say I'm sitting at my computer in a certain position all of the sudden my entire right stomach muscles will feel extremely tight and I can feel them. It feels almost like I just did 100 situps.

I suspect this is due to how I was positioned at my computer and my muscles were being over used.

My question is if anyone else has experience this and has any recommendations. I am thinking of asking for muscle relaxers when this situation occurs and looking to find some exercises to reduce this situation. Maybe streches.

The only thing which helps is to lay on my stomach for a while to give my muscles some time to relax.