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Thread: Intermittent Catheterization without cleaning?!

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    Exclamation Intermittent Catheterization without cleaning?!

    Did it happen to you, that you catheterize, without cleaning (like by mistake or for any other reason) and you end up not having an infection?
    I just did it without attention! I prepared everything (all the cleaning/sterilization setup) but i was taken by the TV and I found myself with the catheter inside! Without cleaning the glans! I am worried, do you think I will be lucky and won't catch infection?

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    Highly unlikely this will make any difference.

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    Lapses in atttention happen. Seems like everything was set up well and you were in a clean environment. Don't stress too much about it.

    in his book,"Moving Violations," John Hockenberry, a paraplegic NPR (National Public Radio) reporter, describes how he had to cath while on assignment, while embedded with a patrol group during the Persian Gulf War. He carried a catheter in a bottle of peroxide. He would remove the catheter from the bottle, cath, and return the catheter to the bottle. Certainly the hygiene conditions he experienced were pretty bad.

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    I wear A condom catheter 24/7. I do not prep when catheter is inserted through condom. Thus, I have frequent UTIs. I am going to start using The gel preparation of veterinary Microcyn. . I will use it as a lubricant with my self contained catheter kits . I am a physician, quad, and I am a consultant to a business is not which is not in the healthcare field. Since I don't have my caregiver around , I wear the condom cath for protection from "accidents. I have read the discussions on Microcyn will for years and I am very convinced it is safe and effective. But, this has not been studied in conventional literature. I don't care, I'm convinced The medicine works, but I cannot tell whether my installation process will.

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    Do it sometimes, never an issue. Usaully happens when I'm drinking to much :/

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    Thank you xsfxsf, gjnl and ajstevens for the info and for the support. This made me feel better and less anxious. I will monitor my body temperature and will keep you posted. I will give it until tomorrow.. Thanks one more time for your precious comments.

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    One time should not make an infection. It is far better to empty your bladder than to worry about the cleaning aspect, if you are in a situation where you can not clean (or forget to do it.) I would not worry about one time.

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    Thanks ckf.. and thank u all one more time, i want to let you know that I had no infection!

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