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Thread: Dubious stem cell clinical trials marketed on NIH website

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    Dubious stem cell clinical trials marketed on NIH website

    Dubious stem cell clinical trials marketed on NIH website

    San Diego Union-Tribune, July 19, 2017
    by Bradley J. Fikes

    Potentially dangerous stem cell treatments are being marketed on a website the federal government established to help patients find experimental therapies, according to a prominent professor of is run by the National Institutes of Health to give a comprehensive list of all registered clinical studies around the world. But the site, mandated by an act of Congress, doesn't properly vet these studies for legitimacy, said Leigh Turner, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics.

    Turner described what he called serious abuses of the site in an article to be published Wednesday in the journal Regenerative Medicine. The paper will be available online at (free registration is required).

    Among the website's questionable listings are those from companies charging for experimental stem cell treatments including 11 where the fees aren't even disclosed, Turner said. Most legitimate clinical trials don't charge patients for experimental treatment, he and other experts have said.

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  2. #2 is far from perfect

    anyone can usee it as marketing tool.

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    Bummer, can't trust .gov. At least I learned something.
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