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Thread: Grippy case for Samsung galaxy S6?

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    Grippy case for Samsung galaxy S6?

    I have a Samsung galaxy S6 and I've been trying To find a case for it That I would be able to use With the way my hands are as a quadriplegic. My fingers curl over And I am able to hold my phone In one hand With a case I have found my old S5 That I got from a surplus store. Of course now the buttons or ports lineup but I've been using in the meantime until I find something that might work. The material is a soft silicone or rubber That resembles dycem Which I'm sure we all know what that is As disabled people (A soft rubbery sticky or Tacky silicone Material) I can't find a case anywhere In stores That would work for it And I bought 13 different cases on Amazon Which all of them do not work Anyway that's Usable with my hand. All of them are just too slippery or Hard to hold. Can anyone recommend a good case or know of a place where to buy special cases? Right off the bat I'm telling you that Something That is hard plastic Won't Work so like an OtterBox or such definitely will not work For me.
    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried Ebay? I did a search using your title " Grippy case for Samsung galaxy S6 " and a half dozen of them come up.

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