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Thread: Quit taking baclofen cause anxiety?

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    Quit taking baclofen cause anxiety?

    so ive been having severe stomach and back spasms since January and still havent figured out the cause. my doctor prescribed 30 mg of baclofen at night to help with the spasms and help me sleep. since i started taking it every night about 3 months ago i would get diarrhea about twice a week and it was uncontrollable. my wife and i kinda figured it was the baclofen so stopped taking it. i havent slept really in days since i stopped taking it. very high anxiety and my mind just doesnt stop going. could this be because i stopped taking baclofen?

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    Absolutely. Baclofen is one of those medications that you need to wean from, not just stop. I would talk to your prescriber immediately and see what they recommend for a tapering schedule. You could end up with serious medical issues by just stopping the medication.


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