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Thread: crazy bowel program

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    crazy bowel program

    My bowel program right now is so crazy that I'm not even posting in the Care forum, because I think it's beyond Care. It's just Life venting.

    Currently, for one thing, my bowel program takes about 11 hours, which I do every three days. It's:

    A. Take either a bottle of magnesium citrate or 90 ml of lactulose (actually 60 g kristalose). Then I wait about 4 hours. Sometimes I can sleep a bit during this period but it's hard because I get very bloated and constantly have to worry about incontinence. Lower doses just don't work.

    B. Bisacodyl, and wait another 30-40 minutes

    C. Then I am on the toilet for 2 - 2.5 hours. When I told my GP this, I don't think he believed me. I often feel very nauseous during this period and sometimes a bit faint. If it works, there's a huge amount of liquid that gushes out for a long time. It's weird, unpleasant and exhausting.

    D. then I have to wait another hour.

    E. Back on the toilet briefly.

    F. Shower, cath, and sleep - this whole procedure is exhausting. (Sleep would add another 4 hours but I'm not counting that even though I'm out of commission for it).

    If this works, I feel comfortable for a day. But lately I've had a bit of trouble with nausea on the 2d and 3d day, I think my stomach just isn't digesting anything.

    If it worked that would be great, but a lot of the time C. above doesn't work too well, which changes the whole schedule around. In consequence, it's tough to meet anyone or make a reservation anywhere since I never know how I'll feel. And I can't really tell anyone why my schedule is the way it is because it's unpleasant and not too believable.

    I've tried many different laxatives but they all either don't work, or if they do work, they also cause incontinence. Miralax worked for a long time, then just didn't any more. Also amitiza but it doesn't seem to do anything any more.

    Lots of people suggest colostomy but I just can't see myself doing that. I've had so many operations and been in hospitals so much, I just can't imagine myself with something like this.

    It's an absurd lifestyle. Nearly a third of my waking hours just deal with bowel programs, more when it's not working, which is often. And I'm fully comfortable only ever third day in the best case, often only once every few weeks in practice, feeling bloated, tired, or nauseous much of the rest of the time.

    It's bad and I'd probably complain more but it's not as a bad as chronic pain was. And I do have good days.

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    If you were my client, I would seriously recommend a colostomy. The improvement in quality of life experienced by others who have gone this route, after having their life consumed with bowel care (often similar to your story) has been significant, and nearly all of them said their only regret was not doing it sooner.


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    Shove your gloved hand up there and dig it out....every morning. Shit every day and done in under n hour everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajstevens View Post
    Shove your gloved hand up there and dig it out....every morning. Shit every day and done in under n hour everyday.
    While doing daily bowel care works for many, from previous posts by the OP, it has not worked for him. There is not one solution to bowel programs that applies to everyone, and what works for someone newly injured will frequently not work for someone who has been injured many years.


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    absolutely its freedom and i am a quad wish i had done it right after i went home from shephards no accidents love it 11 years now

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    Are you taking opioids or some other meds that are causing this problem? In the absence of such side effects, diet should be able to solve your problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    Are you taking opioids or some other meds that are causing this problem? In the absence of such side effects, diet should be able to solve your problem.
    Not sure how you can say this, especially if unfamiliar with this member's history of problems with their bowels.


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    Mag citrate is akin to killing a fly with a nuclear bomb - Way overkill. Usually reserved for surgical procedures to clean colon out - Not for use 1-3x per week!

    Not a dr or nurse but my 2cnts - Drop it. Increase fiber intake of all types (soluble and insoluble) and drink lots of h20.

    Bisacodyl insert wait 20 mins and get on thrown. Dig stim as needed.

    Cripes! Good luck.

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    My suggestion is to take a critical look at your program. You know what you are eating, drinking, and what medications you are taking. You also know your activity level. Then, I would suggest going back to basics.... change one thing at a time. Like do a "regular" routine daily, for one to two weeks. See what happens. Try to keep your diet and fluid intake consistent (same times everyday). Then add or subtract one thing at a time. Do you remember what your original routine was? That is probably where I would start.

    I would also suggest that you get an abdominal xray or CT scan to make sure that you are not impacted.


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