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Thread: Herpes Simplex large sore on buttock

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    Herpes Simplex large sore on buttock

    Prior to my injury I suffered with cold sores on my lips. Didn't get them anywhere else but since the accident I have started to get them in my groin area, usually about 2cm diameter and typical herpes sore, starting off with a group of small blisters which then break into scabby sores. I've now got a much larger one about 4-5cm diameter on my hip/buttock, luckily just above the area I sit on. It exploded into a large number of small blisters which all joined up into a large sore. Doctor has prescribed some cream but it is slow to work and won't prevent future sores breaking out. I'm really worried about another one appearing on an area which has pressure as I can imagine an open sore will take more time to heal and probably no pressure for months whilst it does.
    I thought that the first herpes attack was meant to be the most severe but I seem to be getting worse.

    Does anyone else suffer with this virus and have the same problems? Is there any drug you can take to stop the sores appearing and how much damage could you do by sitting on a broken sore?

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    Here is some information about the latest treatments for herpes simplex. You may need to consult with an infectious disease physician.


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    Thanks for the link. Helpful but I'm still worried about the possible damage from pressure on the sore. As it hasn't been caused by pressure should it recover without me going on to bed rest? Not that I have many positioning options if one appears on my buttocks.

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    I would sit very cautiously. Any break in the skin integrity makes underlying tissue more vulnerable to pressure. Sit for 1-2 hours and inspect carefully. If it looks like your wound is getting worse, you need to stop sitting.


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    It is very difficult to tell if it is getting worse, the blisters have burst but not scabbed over. I'll try and get my support workers to take photographs.

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    I would definitely echo KLD in that you need to be seen by someone who has knowledge in this area. Infectious disease or dermatology are good choices. Please be careful with sitting. While this wasn't caused by pressure, putting pressure on the area may increase the depth or the wound.

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    See if you can get a prescription for Valacyclovir. It has been the only thing that really works for me. I've had cold sores all my life and if I take the meds soon enough I can usually stop it from reaching the skin surface.

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    Haven't managed to get photos yet but my support workers tell me that it is mproving, we have a tegiderm dressing covering it which seems to help. I'll look into valacyclovir, it was mentioned in the pages sci-nurse referred to.

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    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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    Doh, original sore responding well to an Acyclovir cream, started to heal nicely. Then start to feel tingling in my top lip and next day the blisters are there. Friday support workers get me ready to go on FES bike, 90 minute session, back on bed to get changed and a new sore has appeared next to the original. A large group of small blisters some of which have already burst and are bleeding. More cream applied, tegaderm dressing and over the day they get worse. GP prescribes Acyclovir tablets which I am now taking.

    I've always had HSV1 oral herpes which only appeared on my lips when stressed or exposed to sunlight. Don't understand how/why it has evolved into genital herpes since my accident but it has. Why the numerous outbreaks now? The only difference is me stopping pre gabalin but why would a pain killer affect my herpes?

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