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Thread: Here we go, It is long, My PT suggested I really reach out, share and gain support

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    Here we go, It is long, My PT suggested I really reach out, share and gain support

    I am two weeks off PT for rest. The past two weeks has placed me in lead-weighted exhaustion. Less function. My PT is so supportive. Long story short, we will reevaluate, and begin again.

    He did suggest a support group. both physical and online. He used to run an amputee support group and said he saw the benefits. He suggested it would be good to be around people who are "in my same boat."

    Partly I am cycling between acceptance? okay-ness and discouragement, weirded out, frustration, depression. you get the idea. Do others cycle through levels of being okay and discouraged?

    *One suggestion to keep a spread sheet of activity etc. and chart energy and function*

    does anybody do this and is it helpful?

    If so, what does your spreadsheet look like?

    This is a more specific question. I edited down a very long venting of depression, and frustration and discouragement to be more specific. I am sorry I wrote it.

    thanks for listening,
    Much love,
    Last edited by cklovesflowers; 07-15-2017 at 12:18 PM. Reason: I would actually like to delete my post. it is too rambling and just too much. I am just discouraged and frustrated and tired. I will edit down
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    Hang in there and it is okay to vent here. It is about the only place where you will be understood. Pretty much, you can talk about anything here.

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    I have to believe everyone who has gone thru, or those of you just starting out, on this journey experiences what you are currently feeling. It's no fun, it's a process and it takes a while. Cut yourself some slack, you have every right to feel all of the above!

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    Hey C-I also wanted to say go ahead and vent here. Please don't be sorry you wrote it.
    Haven't run across anyone using a spreadsheet to chart things. Could be helpful though and maybe someone else here will chime in.

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    I'll be 33yrs out at the end of the month - paralyzed from the waist down - and I find I cycle between contentment and depression quite a bit. It's life. Try to separate what is happening to you .. compartmentalization. For example, plan ten minutes to cry and rage ... plan a few hours of getting things done, etc.

    Hang in there. It's certainly not an easy life, but it will make you strong. A sense of humour is essential!
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    I don't use a spreadsheet but I do keep track of diet/meds/supplements/exercise/energy level/bowel&bladder etc. I used to do it much more intensively and precisely but over time have been able to back off some. I found it very helpful in narrowing things down and sorting out what was helping and what was not, especially because I had good initial recovery, lost a lot of ground and have had some major surgeries just trying to contain the downward slide.

    Best wishes.

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