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Thread: Here we go, It is long, My PT suggested I really reach out, share and gain support

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    bigtop1 - I love it! made me smile and giggle. I am going to try this! thanks.
    Non-traumatic SCI. Art, Poetry, and the Great Outdoors; these are my passions. My motto: Paint much love, always ~ Connie

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    It's always ok to vent. I always feel guilty if I have to vent because I know there are people worse off than me. However I also remember, that each person's issues are important to them. For those reasons I always feel guilty about venting. Fortunately I have an amazing friend that always is there for me to vent. I think it's better to have at least one person to vent to, because I think it's not healthy to keep it all in.
    I am always going through different emotions. Surprising enough I've not gone through anger. I try to tell myself that there is a reason this has happened to me. But it still doesn't keep me from being sad, crying, frustration etc.
    I don't belong to a support group, but am always looking for people in similar situations to talk to. I do better one on one , (I think)
    I'm currently looking for a personal trainer that can supplement my therapy - so don't have a spreadsheet or anything. Before this happened I used to go to the gym a lot (lost 100+ lbs). I only keep track of some things on my phone in a list. Nothing super organized.

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