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    Draw sheets

    Hi, I am curious what others use for draw sheet to enable attendants to adjust in bed for positioning/dressing? I use a cloth-type draw sheet/pad, but always am concerned about it remaining smooth underneath my butt while in bed. I sleep with the head of my bed elevated, and the pad seems to bunch at the point the head raises. Just curious what others use. I have a sleep number if that matters.

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    You have to be careful about using extra layers of material (linens, Chux, etc.) between you and your mattress, as every layer reduces the pressure reducing properties of a specialty mattress.

    That being said, a fabric draw sheet can cause some pretty significant shear forces, and actually creates a significant amount of musculoskeletal (MS) stress over time for caregivers using them for repositioning. I would recommend you look at a device specifically designed for reduction of shear that breathes, and also has been shown to reduce MS stressors for caregivers. We used this product in the hospital when I was working, and sent them home with patients upon discharge for them to use with family/caregivers. Although they do come with a special "Chux", any air-permeable bed pad can be substituted. The wedges that come with the system also assure turning is not done more than the 30 degrees of pelvic tilt when on your side, which is best for your skin, but you can use them or not, as you determine.

    Sage TAP System:


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    Ever since I lost the ability to turn myself at night I have needed overnight caregivers to turn me. I soon realized that they needed a better way. There are lots of draw sheet systems on the market. I use this one. It's from Australia. I have a full-size bed. This works fine. It's a tubular system whereby the upper layer slides on the lower layer, reducing friction and allowing easy movement of a full-size person by a single person. It has built-in handles as well. I have never had a problem skin pressure from the nylon or the handles. It's pretty thin. I sleep in flannel pajamas, and even when I've had to sleep naked on chux it hasn't been a problem either.

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