First, I've dealt with same Indpendant DME for over 22 years and have bought 5 Rehab powerchairs from same DME with same agreement. He sold his business to a nation wide company this past year. I called and talked with a person there and they sent a person to check my home to assure it's wheelchair accessible and bring Demo's out to check out.
When the gentleman got here I told him of our past agreement and if they would honor the same agreement. Admittly he did not say 'yes' but did say since it would be for 2 full rehab powerchairs and we already had Face-to-Face with decriptive Rx and a detailed Justification letter that if we pick a certain brand chair "there should be no problem" meeting the agreement we have had with past DME owner.
We both have Medicare, no other insurance of any type nor any suppliment insurance coverage of any type.

Usually by now our old DME would be calling with arrangements for delivery.

It's been a bit over a month and I got a call with bad and good news.
Bad News: Nothing has been submitted to Medicare, yet. Also, they would not be able to honor agreement that just was not enough profit.
Their Good News: But, if we would take a 'Demo' chair they could offer a discount on co-payment.

My questions:
Is this normal now?
Just a product of nation wide DME procedure?
Instead of dealing with a nation wide DME do I need to locate a locally owned independant DME that deals with complex Rehab Powerchairs? Or has all the DME's changed to this type of arrangements?

I'm a bit put out over this and have tried to keep that out of my post. Any thoughts, insight and/or advice would be appreciated.
"Thank you!"