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Thread: how many catheters do you pack when traveling?

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    I'll throw in with the crowd that says take what you normally use plus a few extras. If you're delayed for some reason, you don't want to run out. I have a duffle bag who's sole purpose is to contain bathroom supplies for traveling. Catheters, gloves, grease, wipes, extra cushion cover, garbage bags, and other disaster supplies in case you s**t yourself when eating strange food, etc. You name it, it goes in there. I always come back with extras.

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    these are the way to go while traveling period. Its vacation do it right HAVE A GREAT CRUISE.

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    PPacking all of the carbs you need has always been my option. I always pack bathroom stuff in its own coroner and use it as a carry on for my pca to take on thane.

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    If your on vacation pack more, probably be drinking.... I know i do when i go on vacation. I always have catheters in my truck as well(back ups) have over extended my bladder once and won't ever do that again ! Week in the hospital because of it........ My uncle, been hurt as long as I've been arpund 33 yrs reuses his catheters and ALWAYS has a uti. He'll say he doesn't get em but at hunt camp he has them EVERY YEAR. ALWAYS ARGUE with him why even screw around and try using same ones. I have BOXES of extras laying around. Also I may be different bwcause i always have an "infection" because of my surgery so I haven't had a uti since then 3 yrs ago. Have fun on cruise !

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    I cruise often, whenever I can. I pack two thirty cath boxes for a 7 day cruise, take a couple of gel tubes and a couple of boxes of zip lock bags, and prepare the cath each time. Apart from that I take 5 or 6 closed system packs and a couple of foley caths with a belly bag. It is overkill, but you never know. A few years ago I used foleys and took a few straight caths just in case.
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    We always pack 10 per 24 hour period. If it's hot, my son drinks more and then pees more. Last year we went to Italy and RAN OUT!!! Let me just say this: if it wasn't for Paolo (one of our members here on CC) coming to our rescue, we would have been in a ton of trouble! We searched everywhere, including a hospital, for catheters. They did not have what we needed. We were near Milano and I messaged Paolo! We were planning on meeting him anyway, but the fact that he saved us was the icing on the cake! Lesson learned: ALWAYS PACK MORE THAN WHAT YOU THINK YOU WILL NEED!!! Thank you again Paolo!!

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    I reuse. After use I rinse thoroughly with running water and then inbetween uses I keep the cather in a small container full of Milton's, a mild bleach used for sterilizing baby's bottles, then I rinse thoroughly immediatley before using it again. I have not had a UTI for years, other than when I have used a foley on long haul flights.

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    I just read an account by John Hockenberry (NPR) that when he traveled abroad for a story once he brought one cath in a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and re-used.

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