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Thread: how many catheters do you pack when traveling?

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    I always carry one extra....................

    to strangle my wife with!
    travel is SO frustrating sometimes.
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    Oh, I did NOT mean try re-using for the first time WHILE you're on your trip. I agree that would be a mistake.

    But you said you have a few weeks so maybe try it now to see if your bladder can handle it. Or try it when you get back for next trip.

    Either way, I recommend everyone at least TRY washing and re-using. It's cheaper, less waste, less bulk, and easier packing on trips. If it doesn't work for you, then go back to whatever you were doing before.

    It has afforded me an incredible amount of freedom from bulky stuff.

    And it's always a good idea to get a full dose of antibiotics when going on any trip, just in case.

    As far as traveling with bleach goes, you can often buy bleach when you arrive. Or you buy a TSA approved travel container at your local Target or wherever.

    I started using bleach, but ran out once so I washed without it and it was fine. So I stopped using bleach. Now it's just soap and water.

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    I tried this when first injured and I seemed to keep a UTI I was super careful used gloves cleaned insertion area and I just could not seem to be successful and was eventually put on a closed system. Since put on a closed system have not had a UTI. That said when I travel I put just the closed system bag out of the kit in zip lock bags. Not sure how many I get in a zip lock but it reduces the bulk of the kit. I have not used anything in the kit to cath in years. I do not know why I could not use the clean method successfully....

    Quote Originally Posted by brian View Post
    Sort-of on topic... Have you ever tried washing and re-using caths? I only take 12-14 catheters when I travel.

    - soak in the sink in hot water and just a tiny bit of bleach
    - wash with soap and water
    - rinse
    - let hang dry
    - pack in Ziploc bag (I re-use bags for a week)

    I've been re-using for 15 years now and I've only had about 5 UTIs in that time. I know I'm lucky in that regard, but if you've never tried washing and re-using you should. It'll really lighten your load.
    It might take a couple weeks to try it out and get your technique right. You might get a UTI while you're experimenting. Or your body might not like the idea at all. But it's worth a shot?

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    It has meant no infections for me since going on closed system

    Quote Originally Posted by ricanstruction View Post
    I'm thinking this might be the best option. Can you travel with bleach? I think the key is developing a system like you have. This is new and scary for me but even my urologist says using sterile catheters doesn't lead to less infections. So bleach, soap, ziplock bags, and clips to hang your catheters? Thanks for your advice!

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    I always carry enough that I bring some back hone. If you're away and you need one, it's better to have packed 3-4 teeny caths that to be out of luck.
    "It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

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    I used to reuse, but no longer do. I don't know how bulky a cath kit is, but a 14 french catheter (that I use) and a little packet of lube take up relatively little room given all the other garbage I lug around, so if I'm going on a 7 day trip I generally pack double the amount of caths I think I might need in the suitcase and then some more.

    For example I went out of town for 5 days and I generally cath 5x per day. So I packed about forty caths in the suitcase (in two different compartments), then I filled the little fanny pack I always take with me with 15 catheters, and I have a wheelchair bag with an "emergency" supply of three or four more, just in case.... Hmmm... now that i think about it I am probably overpreparing, better safe than sorry though, innit?

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    When I first got hurt 42 years ago they used water and rubbing alcohol in water. Leave it in solution till next use then dry before you used them. Then it was water and soap. Then dry and put in a clean towel. Now its a new one each time. All in all I never seen the difference in all three types I have used. Most important is to wash your hands before you cath. I use baby wipes or anything like that on the end of the penis and put a little lube on the end of the penis works best for me. Putting lube for me on the cather just makes a mess and and get rubbed off trying trying to insert the cath. With the lube on the end of penis it goes in with the cather much easyer for me. Like my uro said any time you insert something you carry germs no matter how careful you are. The cleaner the better tho. When cleaning the worse part it trying to get the crap out below the eye of the cath. Seems like after 42 years they would have come up with something better like a valve you push or something like that to urinate. Think like a garage door opener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricanstruction View Post
    I'm going on a cruise for 7 days later this month and packing 42 cath kits (I cath roughly every 4 hours) seems a bit daunting. Any advice?
    We pack similar to what the SCI Nurse said. We do the math and load up a bag with caths and other supplies that she uses as a carry on. We always over pack for two extra days.

    My daughter uses closed system cath sets. If you don't need the wipes, gloves etc, she has found the Coloplast SelfCath set to be discreet and easy to use for her quad hands with her mitrofanoff. They are very compact. She can toss five in her sidebag and still have room for girlie stuff. After your trip, check them out. Have a great time!
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    I am like KLD, I take the number of catheters I use daily plus extra. I don't mess with it. I used to try and take less and it did not work for me. I also tried reusing catheters and that did not work either. I have not had a functioning bladder since 2009. They tried the Medtronic Interstem sacral nerve stimulator and at first I had some success. Even then I took catheters when travel. Soon, I was back cath-ing. Now I find out, the Interstem is not recommended for diseases. anyway, I just make it apart of my packing and plan accordingly.

    I use the cure twist catheters. They are incased in plastic intead of a bag. I like them. easy travel.

    Good Luck and have fun on your cruise!

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    i am a quad even in my van going local i keep supplies just came back overnight stay in ga pack cathe gel syringe extra 2 wafers 20 pouches 2 extra urine bags does not take up that much room u just never know but thats me

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