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Thread: how many catheters do you pack when traveling?

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    how many catheters do you pack when traveling?

    I'm going on a cruise for 7 days later this month and packing 42 cath kits (I cath roughly every 4 hours) seems a bit daunting. Any advice?

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    Sort-of on topic... Have you ever tried washing and re-using caths? I only take 12-14 catheters when I travel.

    - soak in the sink in hot water and just a tiny bit of bleach
    - wash with soap and water
    - rinse
    - let hang dry
    - pack in Ziploc bag (I re-use bags for a week)

    I've been re-using for 15 years now and I've only had about 5 UTIs in that time. I know I'm lucky in that regard, but if you've never tried washing and re-using you should. It'll really lighten your load.
    It might take a couple weeks to try it out and get your technique right. You might get a UTI while you're experimenting. Or your body might not like the idea at all. But it's worth a shot?

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    I'm thinking this might be the best option. Can you travel with bleach? I think the key is developing a system like you have. This is new and scary for me but even my urologist says using sterile catheters doesn't lead to less infections. So bleach, soap, ziplock bags, and clips to hang your catheters? Thanks for your advice!

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    Take the 42. Your on vacation and don't want to screw around washing out catheters. I take the same amount but always add a few extra. Have a great cruise.

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    When cruising with my mother, we always took the #of catheters used daily X #of days of the cruise + 3 extra days. Didn't use cath kits though. Clean technique with a new catheter each time; used this for 25 years...

    Finding a place to clean and hang your catheters to dry in a cruise ship cabin is going to be a problem. How do you know your cabin steward didn't touch or fiddle with them when cleaning your cabin? We did this on one cruise only, when we ended up taking one of the bureau drawers, laying down a towel, and using it for catheter drying, but it was a hassle, and took away a drawer for clothing that we could have used.

    Always packed catheters, baby wipes, bed pads, meds, etc. into a duffel bag and took this as one of our carry-ons. Did not want to risk loosing these when checked, even if you could check for free as medical supplies. Coming home, we folded up the bag and put it into our checked suitcase (minus a 2 days supply we kept in the wheelchair backpack and took as part of our carry-on). Travel delays can happen.

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    I don't know what kind of kits you use for the cruise but I have been using the MTG pocket pack kits. Works great and compact.

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    I use Cure catheter kits which are nice and compact but still takes up a lot of room if I were to take one per use. I need to use long catheters because I cath through the belly button.

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    Now is not the time to be messing with your cathing procedure. You don't want to get a bug on your trip. Take more catheters than you think you will need just in case.

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    You guys make very good points.

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    When i travel ill take the amount i need. i rarely ever wash and reuse mine when im not at home unless i can reach the sink while sitting on the toilet. When i am at home though i rinse mine inside and out with hot water and then clean again with hand sanitizer and then rinse again with hot water, dry and put back in the package. I havent had a uti in 4 years. i usually reuse them 3-4 times and then throw them out.

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