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Thread: Any experience of selling FES bike. Is this easy?

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    Question Any experience of selling FES bike. Is this easy?


    I have a FES bike which I used some time back in recovery from a broken hip. It's now served its purpose and I'm going to sell it.

    Word on the street is it's very hard to sell these and even the manufacturer seems to imply it can be a minefield and that there's little to no market.

    I was surprised by this, as I'd have bittn someone's hand off to not have to pay full price on one!

    Has anyone sold one and was it hard/easy?

    Many thanks!

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    For that, ebay would probably be your best bet. A friend of mine had one and She just gave it away. They're not the easiest thing to sell.

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    In my experience there's a market depending upon which bike and even which model of a particular bike. For instance a 12-channel, Sage 10 bike from RTI is easy to sell.

    My recommendation is to post it here first. If it doesn't seem then try eBay. Finally you can donate it to a (non profit) rehab facility and take some % of the new value as a tax deduction.
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    I sold one on here a while ago. Was super easy. Took payment through PayPal and shipped with a local freight company.

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    Are these covered by the NHS in the UK?? If so, it will be significantly more difficult to sell a used one there than it might be in the USA, where they are rarely covered by health insurance. I would imagine shipping internationally could be prohibitive.


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    It should be easy to sell in the UK depending upon make/model. Maybe a bit harder now that the UK spinal forum Apparalysed has gone but doable. You could start with one of the SCI facebook groups then try eBay. I rent my RT300 at the moment and have been looking to buy but the right bike hasn't come up yet.

    They are not covered by NHS, I've tried 3 times to get one and unsuccessful on each occasion. Typically you pay out of your own funds. Imported price is so high you won't get any interest internationally. Courier might be a problem and possibly setting up the Rtilink if it is an RT machine.

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    Thanks all, sorry for not replying sooner, I'd been otherwise engaged. I've never liked people dive bombing a forum and then buggering off!

    I'll try and list it on here and see if there's any interest. The manufacturer also seems to be trying to help, which is good, as I was starting to have a bit of a nasty taste at the thought of spending all that money on one (money I didn't really have) only to find it was not an easy sell second hand.

    For those interested, it's a RehaMove Legs, as shown here. I believe it cost just shy of ?9,000.

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    I sold mine on here. They came to my house and bought it. Cash in hand. Good luck

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