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Thread: Selling standing frame advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjls View Post
    really i have 1 and can not gie it away
    I lost eBay auctions on three before winning one. If yours is "Evolv" (not 5000) and large it should go quick on eBay. Have you posted it to eBay?
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    Quote Originally Posted by acureiscoming View Post
    We paid to ship a glider from AZ to OH and it was over $1,200 to ship via freight. We are always looking to buy them though so if you are interested in selling please pm me the serial number (found on the bottom of the seat), your location, and what you are asking for it. We have applicants all throughout the country so if we have someone near you who has asked for the same type of frame it is usually pretty easy for us to handle. Thanks,
    Not sure how to p.m. but i have an easy stand evolve glider for sale right now. I'm not able to get access to my upstairs of my home and selling this will give me the funds for a stairlift.. 3 bedrooms upstairs and 1 down, house is always in shambles because of this ... If your interested pm me and I'll shoot ya my # like brand new condition only been it in 10 times probably

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    Does anyone that has shipped one know how much an EasyStand glider weighs?

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    You can try contacting the manufacturer. I can tell you it's going to be quite expensive due to weight and large dimensions.

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