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Thread: Para Work Status - full time, part time, disability?

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    C7 injured at 19, 28 years post, working FT for 22 years in a competitive line of work. I would like to work as long as possible. Work is a blessing!

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    • 16 at the time of injury and 30 now
    • I missed a year of highschool, did online schooling to catch up on my junior year as well as some senior year classes. Returned to highschool to graduate normally in 2006 (a year later than what I was supposed to). Started out pursuing a 4 year degree, but after only going part time for 2 years and not really putting a dent into the required courses I switched focus and pursued an Associate degree in Computer Information Systems in 2008. I graduated in December of 2010, started my first job in January of 2011. Worked full time ever since.
    • C5 complete
    • Started out as Tier 3 Technical Support at a cable company called Spectrum (formally known as Brighthouse Networks). Got promoted to Team Lead in January of this year.
    • Only made $650 a month on SSDI prior to getting a job. Wanted to live as normal as I could so I went to college, got a full-time job that made significantly more than $650 a month with great insurance. Going on 7 years with the company!

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    Amazon hires people to do customer service from your home, need a computer and a phone. You can set your own available hours.

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