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Thread: Getting out of swimming pool ?

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    Getting out of swimming pool ?

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    Age: 61
    Disability: C6 complete from diving accident in 1976 (41 years post)
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    I have always had a pool in my backyard and have been able to get out of the pool (in-ground) on my own. I get in a corner and then transfer up to the side of the pool. From there I transfer up into a lounger and then transfer into my wheelchair from the lounger. Due to age and a recent successful neck fusion I can no longer do wife and son pick me up and put me in my wheelchair. I refuse to buy the ugly pool lifts that you see at hotels and rehabs. Do any other swimmers out there have a technique, remedy, or suggestion that does not include a pool lift ? Thanks.

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    If you can get onto the pool deck, you can build a ramp that you sit sideways on as you "transfer" yourself up until you get to the top that is at wheelchair transfer height. It is easier on the shoulders than transferring up several steps, but, to me, it is an uglier solution than a lift. I put a lift in my pool that was powered by my garden hose. It mounted in a single 3" hole in the pool deck. It was easily removable by lifting it straight out of the hole. Eventually, I just left it in because I used it so much. When the chair was in the pool, all that was visible was a single, stainless-steel post rising about 2'. When the chair was out, all you saw was basically the post, and a small plastic white chair, not too dissimilar to any plastic deck chair. I had a million dollar+ view and the chair didn't look that ugly blocking it.
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    Even if you still had the strength to do this, it is a transfer that is VERY hard on your shoulders.

    Hotel type pool lifts are pretty ugly, but there are home lifts that are more low profile, and which don't meet the ADA requirements that hotels have to meet.

    You might want to consider one of the portable ones that you can stow away in a garage, pool house, or shed between uses, such as these:

    Here is one of the latter for sale on eBay:

    This one might be an option, but I can't find a vendor for it in the USA or Canada:

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