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Thread: Smart Check Roho

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Borcherding View Post
    I'm sorry for the poor service that you report. Since there is no "ROHO UK", can I assume that you have been in contact with the Permobil UK office?

    Anyway let's get your questions answered. Please email me directly with your contact information and cushion history (serial number, date of purchase, etc.), and we'll go from there.

    Thank you,

    Yes, Permobil UK. I appreciate the offer but instead of you getting involved in my case spend the few minutes explaining to your support team that your company's reputation and their jobs rely upon their interaction with customers replying to email etc. I'm sure that with the correct boot applied hard enough they can find my unreplied to email and take action themselves. If that fails I'll contact you directly on how we can resolve the problem.

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    I only know you from this forum as mrb - can you please email me your contact information so I can get the information to my counterpart at Permobil UK? Thank you!

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    QUOTE=Tom Borcherding;1836988]I only know you from this forum as mrb - can you please email me your contact information so I can get the information to my counterpart at Permobil UK? Thank you![/QUOTE]

    I will Tom but if they have so many unanswered emails that they can't find mine I'd suggest a bigger boot is needed. In fact I won't I'll resend my email with you copied in and a suggestion on how they can provide decent customer service. The different regional NHS Wheelchair Services are probably Roho's biggest UK customer although split into regions. I've had 2 Smart Check cushions and was trialling them for my wheelchair Services, they were delivered by the rep and set up by him. Both were inconsistent in use and didn't help my support workers and based upon my feedback no further smart checks were to be purchased by them. One would have thought that the rep once aware of the recall for warranty would of been knocking their door down to get a replacement for me to try. Instead I try and do it and get the no reply to email treatment.

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    In following this thread I can see a pattern. roho has tried in vain to come up with an device for their cushion to make them a little safer. Remember the failed merlin. Anyway this attempt, the smart check, is proving to be, as mrb puts it, inconsistent. The fact that even they admit there was a defective batch is a concern but when you compound that with the fact that they failed to do a recall or even contact the unfortunate people that purchased one of these gadgets and worse yet ignore people like mrb, that is a very poor representation of caring about the customers or customer service. Lousy.

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    If you feel that you have still got to perform a hand check with the smart check then there is little point in getting a smart check if you don't have 100% trust in it.

    Pressure mapping is the only guaranteed way that you can ensure that your cushion is adjusted correctly. The fact that the Roho for most people has got a little bit of leeway means that the pressure shouldn't have to be exactly the same each time, you should still get the protection you need. However, I'm not confident with the hand check, especially if you got to get somebody who doesn't do it very often to check. If you are not able to show someone physically how to do the hand check that all you can do is and stop them, or show them a YouTube video. Even then, it very much depends on the persons fingers. I'm quite sure that if Dwayne Johnson did the hand check for you you're gonna have a lot more space than if Warwick Davis did it for you.

    Also, if you watch any of the YouTube videos that show you how to do the hand check, most of them are using what appears to be an able-bodied person who is sitting in the wheelchair. Believe me, it's a lot harder for the carer to get their hand under a tetraplegic who can't move that much.

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    I was able to talk with Tom B. yesterday and really hash a lot of this out. Thanks to Tom for taking time to answer my call. I'm a lot more confident in the use of the ROHO Smart Check today. We seem to be on the right track.

    It is not the no-brainer solution that I thought it would be (but what is) I think it is still a great piece of equipment for my daughter to use at college. We set her Smart Check via pressure mapping and we know where her cushion placement was on the seat pan during that pressure mapping. The occasional hand check is still done for peace of mind.

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    I would encourage Roho to develop the smart check so that it will work with a 5 inch custom-made Roho. I had hoped to have one, however, I was told it was not possible because the smart check won't work with a 5 inch Roho. Can't see why it would be too difficult to develop it so it will though.

    When you guys carry out a hand check to you have your palm flat down and enable your fingers to wriggle slightly in order to determine whether the cushion is set up properly? Just wondering how other people do it.

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    The fact is that a smart check would theoretically work on any size or type roho or any other air cushion because it is measuring air pressure. It doesn't know if its a 2 inch or 3 inch or 5 inch cushion, pressure is pressure no matter what it is contained in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironside View Post
    If you feel that you have still got to perform a hand check with the smart check then there is little point in getting a smart check if you don't have 100% trust in it.
    Which was exactly the feedback I gave to Wheelchair Services hence the decision not to buy more...

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    Is there a point to this device if one can do their own hand checks? Seems like a needless complication unless hand checks aren't possible (e.g. high quad).
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