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Thread: Recommendations Please for CT & NYC Area Neurosurgeons Specializing in SCI

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    Recommendations Please for CT & NYC Area Neurosurgeons Specializing in SCI

    Hello Everyone,
    Just a follow-up to my 6/25/17 post regarding AD and sweating. The neurosurgeon I met with regarding this suggested I follow up with Dr. Barth Green
    (he performed my last two laminectomies) or at least another neurosurgeon with more SCI experience. I searched online and came up with 3 doctors from
    Mount Sinai in NYC that specialize in SCI, Tanvir Choudhri MD, John Caridi MD & Arthur L Jenkins MD. Anyone here have experience with these doctors that
    you can comment on? If not, are there any other neurosurgeons specializing in SCI in the New York City or CT area that you can recommend?

    Thanks in advance for any info!
    Daniel G.

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    Barth Green is considered one the the leading experts on syrinx management. Wondering why you don't go back to him?


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    Thanks for the reply. I had a lot of bad experiences each time I went to Dr. Green for my surgeries. Going back to Green isn't out of the question but I've gotten a lot weaker since then (last laminectomy was in '97) and so was hoping to find someone closer to home.
    Daniel G.

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    Mt. Sinai has been one of the model SCI Centers so those neurosurgeons are probably well versed in SCI care. I would also consider going to Weill Cornell. They have a Trauma Unit and do some excellent work there. I can get you some names from there if you wish/

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    Thank you Jim & ckf. ckf, I'll take you up on that, any names/info are greatly appreciated!
    Dan G. in CT

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