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Thread: Sigmoid Oscopy

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    Sigmoid Oscopy

    So,camera up the chute tomorrow. My question, Dr wants a fleet done tonight and one a few hours before the procedure (1hr drive..sketchy) tomorrow. Is that a little excessive in way of using fleets? Tommorow was my regular BP that good enough for a sig?

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    No, you need to do the prep the way your physician ordered. You need to clean out not just the rectum, but the sigmoid and lower descending colon for a sigmoidoscopy. Not as thorough as a colonoscopy, but if there is any stool present, they will just have to repeat the procedure later after re-doing the prep as described.


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    Thank you! That's kind of what I thought. Just a bit scared of 2 enemas so close together. He did mention though that the cleaner it looked the farther he'd go and scope it till he figured that was it.
    And also I opted out of any sedation.. is AD a possible issue?
    And what are the chances an Ensure meal drink might fall under ''clear fluid''?
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    Clear fluid is like water. Maybe water with some green tea in it (like boiled leaves, not bottled with artificial green and sugar, etc, etc). Ensure definitely has colors (all the versions I've seen).

    I've seen a colonoscopy where a patient almost earned herself a laparotomy (cutting open her abdomen), because she drank a red gatorade. In the colon it looked like blood, we thought she was bleeding out and she was sedated so we couldn't exactly ask her.

    My advice for clear liquids, is you should be able to see through it, it should be colorless and you be comfortable washing your hands with it. So... water.

    It's not gonna be the most pleasant event of your life, and if you gotta drive an hour to get it, why risk having to repeat it?

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    Sounds good,water it is. Thank you

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    Clean liquids mean something you can see through. Filtered (clear) apple juice. White grape juice. You can also have jello (without any fruit in it) and clear broth type soups like chicken broth or bullion. As above, no red or purple juices, popsicles, or jello. No "full" liquids like cream soups, OJ, unfiltered apple juice, etc.

    Yes, you can get AD. Be sure they are monitoring your blood pressure during the procedure, and have a plan for managing AD if it should occur. Our GI physician used a local anesthetic at the anus if this should occur, and that usually managed it, and since you won't be under any anesthesia they could also give you some nifedipine (chew and swallow) or use nitroglycerine pills, spray, or ointment.


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    I'll take this info with me.. Thank you

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    Didn't get sedated for mine, it wasn't even offered but mine was for roids so maybe they didn't go as far as they are going with you . Did the double fleet routine too, got the most out with the first one, next to nothing with the second one. You'll probably want to go home after as you'll be passing lots of gas the rest of the day.

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    Well that was no big deal! Said he was up about 50cm and didn't see anything of kind to warrant anything further but taking care of my hemroids is now next. Did they get rid of yours Karl?

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    Everything was internal and he said not worth bothering with. Just as well the surgeon that did it was kind of old and doddering.. Didn't exactly inspire confidence.

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