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Thread: How many cut the back pockets off their jeans?

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    I suspect the pockets and jeans pressure sore thing is an old wive's tale. If your cushion has sufficient floatation, what is between you and the seat pan should be irrelevant. Based on some 15 years of Levi's and a J2 cushion causing no issues.
    You have been lucky. I have seen some pretty gnarly pressure ulcers caused by both rear pockets and rivets in jeans.


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    My aunt cuts the bottom half off, then makes a new flat hem which makes a big loop. It's something good to grab onto for transfers, dressing and undressing, but still gets me off the bottom of the pocket

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    Sewing pockets below the knees, that is a great idea.

    I don't wear jeans often. but as a female, I saw a great youtube video suggestion on wearing maternity jeans. At the thriftstore I found a pair. and they work great. There are no back pockets. There are no buttons or zippers to deal with. and the elastic waistband is very wide and soft. so it does not dig in. the legs themselves are also relax fit, and stretchy . Soft denim. oh, and my top covers so no one would ever know what kind of jeans they are.
    so, now I have two pairs. and I wear jeans now not often but some.

    I love the pocket idea. I am going to use that. functional and a cute detail on clothing.

    Thanks, C
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    You have been lucky. I have seen some pretty gnarly pressure ulcers caused by both rear pockets and rivets in jeans.

    45 years post and I've never cut off the pockets of any of my pants. Wore Levis regularly until about 10 years ago and for me personally, it's never been a problem. But I've also never had a pressure sore, period.
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