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Thread: 4 Way Portable Overhead/ Gantry Hoist

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    4 Way Portable Overhead/ Gantry Hoist

    Hey Everyone,

    I hope someone can point me in the right direction but i'm looking for a portable/ free standing overhead hoist system that can be controlled by the remote to go sideways as well as up and down. My wrists are getting worst and worst with transferring in and out of bed so my ot said i need to start looking at hoists to get some more mileage out of my arms but as i might be moving around in the future i don't want to install a rail to the ceiling but have something free standing.

    I have found a few systems but they were only powered to go up and down and required the person in the sling to be manually pulled along the rail, which for someone who wants to use the hoist independently isn't ideal unless i tie a rope between the two uprights and go between bed and chair that way but that would be plan B lol.

    If anyone know of something out there or if it's not possible you have a powered portable rail could you please let me know.


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    So you are looking for a free-standing track lift with both horizontal lift and lateral motors? I have never seen one of these. The extra motor and gearing necessary for the lateral movement motor requires a much larger motor module, so as far as I know these are only available on ceiling track lifts. The only option for this that I am aware of is the Freedom Bridge from SureHands, which is actually installed into the walls and ceiling, but in such a way that it is fairly easy to remove and take with you if you should move:

    this system operates with this motor that provides lateral movement:


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    Thanks a million KLD, i had a quick look and that might be an option but will have to look into it more and see how the top rail is adjusted for different size rooms. After talking to so many people and being told it isn't possible i wasn't expecting much, so it was good to get at least one option.

    Thanks again,

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    There are several "four function" ceiling lifts, including those made by ArjoHuntleigh (Maxi Sky series), T.H.E. Medical (Pinnacle) and Horcher (Unilift). "Powered traverse" is sometimes the English translation for the horizontal movement feature. However, all of these require fixed track and are not a portable gantry type, because to get the powered horizontal movement, you need fixed track, as KLD noted.

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    I doubt you would need the lateral movement. Once you are up in the lift, you can easily push off your chair or the bed.

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