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Thread: Long sleeve shirts for sun protection

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    Long sleeve shirts for sun protection

    I'm trying to be sun smart and wondered if anyone has a brand that are long sleeve breathable/cool shirts that are easy to get off and on and accommodate a quad gut/slouch. Thanks Bruce

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    I have some from Columbia Sportswear that I used for many years as an AB and still use--very lightweight and breathable. They are very loose-fitting in the torso. They are button-up, but I leave them buttoned except for the top two so I can pull it over my head and avoid struggling with buttons with my quad fingers.

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    Use to wear them when fishing all day. I like Sierra Trading Post. Also Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop have a few.
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    Also, for casual clothing, a rash guard T-shirt might be an option. Most have a pretty high SPF rating.


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    Like Rook98006 I have a couple fishing shirts, they have vents with mesh undervents to allow air circulation from Columbia.
    Mama saw some on their website we thinking about, don't know if I could get on/off by myself :'s&start=0

    Most times summer, I still run abit cool and sunburn easy, think part is from meds I'm on and after stroke my temp control is not so good. I usually wear a thin long sleeve shirt or think hoodie to protect my balding head all about 2 to 3 sizes to big over loose T-shirt.
    Don't forget your hands, summer I found some Under Amour glove liners with gribbers on them.

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    dang i am burning up here in florida not riding bike till 7pm if i had a long sleeve shirt i would croak but when ab wore a lot especially in hay field i went out at noon to move bike ride 3/4 mile and started over heating

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    You might also want to look into workout/sports clothing that has a cooling feature. Here is one:


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    Vijls, I seldom sweat anymore and feel cool to cold most of the time. Body Temp indoors most time is about 96.6 to 97.6F. When get outside in heat usually feels good but understand it's most likely faulty internal thermostat instead of being "OK". If and when feel light headed or shakey I seek cooler area.
    But, I'm light skinned and with some meds they make me sunburn easier, too. Without long sleeve I burn quickly. Plus since loss of feeling in hands I skin them up and they to sunburn so wear glovew for protection.
    Doctors says circulation about my hands being cold and temp thing is from stroke. I don't know but Mama burns up all the time and I freeze.

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