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Thread: Smaller, lighter power chairs

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    Smaller, lighter power chairs

    In some other countries I've noticed that power chairs are often different then what we are accustomed to, often resembling manual chairs with add-on motors and joysticks. This made me wonder why manufacturers aren't focusing more on developing power chairs that are lighter and can be more easily packed for travel. The lighter weight would require a smaller, lighter battery. My Permobil is a tank. The only obstacle for someone like myself would be the need for power tilt. I understand there would be limitations such as type of terrain, but I would love to have this option available. Just a thought.

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    I am looking for the smallest width full function powerchair I can find as one of my volunteer jobs has a doorway of 56cm(23 inches) wide and I literacy have the the choice of 1 chair

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    Cyfskid, May I ask the brand and model chair you found that fits that size doorway?
    Thank you!

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    I had a look at wheelchair 88 when I wanted a folding power chair to fit in my van with my off road wheelchair, they had some interesting options but in the end I went with a TiLite folding chair with better postural support and leave my support workers to push.

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    This is merely me speculating, but having said that, I would look at who is footing the bill. I feel reasonably certain that the majority of wheelchairs in the US are paid for by the government [VA, Medicare, Medicaid]. That means specs drawn up by committees of bureaucrats. That could explain many things making chairs being complex and bulky.

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    I have a chair simular to the one mrb gave a link to. The KD Smart Chair. Light weight @52 pounds, long battery life but there are some problems. The seat has very little cushion, I have to add a 2" foam on top and I hate the joystick. For some reason it's very jerky, it's a real pain in the butt to drive.

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    When you deal with transportable fold up your going to give up comfort and miles for portability and no rehab seating.

    The market is small that is why you can find the fold up chairs every where for $2000 price range.

    Pride has the go chair, Invacare had personal transporter. Some of these portables take some effort to lift 50LB 5 or 6 times in a day so not as practical as they sound.

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