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Thread: Cath from wheelchair directly to toilet.

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    Cath from wheelchair directly to toilet.

    I have a device (in development) that could allow people to cath from their wheelchair, directly into a toilet. Is this something people need or want?

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    Not sure if your poll question wants to know if people already have some means of cathing directly into the toilet or want some means of doing so. I seem recall that at least at some point extensions were available to do that, don't know if the are currently available though

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    Sorry about that. You're absolutely right. I'd like to know who would like to be able to cath from a wheelchair to a toilet, that are not currently able to.

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    I think you need to more closely identify your target audience.

    Quads? Paras?
    Ladies? Guys? Both?

    As a male para I already do this without any special device.

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    I'm a C4/5 quad and *do not* currently cath directly into the toilet. I *would* be interested in a device that would allow me to do that.

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    Question is pretty vague. There are currently several tricks or extension tubes that allow people to do this if desired. Of course you have to have a toilet you can actually get close to to do this using the existing extension tubing systems. Would yours be somehow an improvement? How would it be cleaned or would it be disposable, and if disposable, how expensive, and would you imagine it be funded by insurance?


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    I call it "The Daily Traveler" is designed to allow users to cath directly into a toilet or urinal. While closed, both ends are sealed prevents dripping while stowed. For cleanliness, surfaces that contact the toilet a enclosed inside the container. It's intended to be reusable., less then $30, used by quads and para, men and women.
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    Looks pretty bulky. Still would need info about cleaning it, and how to remove it from the toilet bowl without getting your hands all nasty under the rim of the bowl...usually the dirtiest part.


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    Every month, my provider insists on giving me a cath, an installation kit, and two cath extensions.
    Before I started throwing out the overage, I put one in each wheelchair, and two in each car. (they work like extension cords; how long do you want?)
    Now I can take a squirt pretty much anywhere including the driver's seat!
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
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    For years I just used an extension tube (which was probably pretty unsanitary), but now I just use the sleeve of the cath as an extension tube. I don't worry too much about it getting dirty or cleaning it because I toss the whole thing then wash my hands.

    I'm guessing your device hooks to the toilet, which is a plus, but I wouldn't want anything that I had to clean or that was bulky (which pretty much rules out everything).

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