Hello all. I am hoping to find some info and or advice as to which facility would be best for my FIL. He was injured while riding (or crashing I guess I should say) a quad on Father's Day (6-18-17) with my husband and son. He was airlifted to a trauma hospital and has been there since but will be transferred to rehab soon. I am trying to help my MIL gather info and compare the facilities that are being offered to him for care and rehab. I'm not sure of the official name for his injury (MIL will be getting that to me today) but it's in his neck and he has only minor sensations down to his nipples but can *sometimes* wiggle a toe or 2 if he works very hard at it. He has not been on a respirator and has no broken or injured bones or other injuries, amazingly. He is almost 53 years old and was in perfect health and very active before his this.

Right now, we are being offered 3 places for rehab. Santa Clara, Sutter Rehab in Roseville, and Health South in Bakersfield. Roseville is closest, with Santa Clara a close 2nd. Health South is about 5hrs away. I've been most impressed with Santa Clara just from what I've read online but I have no idea what I'm doing and would value anyone's input. MIL is meeting with reps from each facility today and they will make their choice but she has asked me to look into each further. Thank you!!