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Thread: Is city required to have curb cuts?

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    Funklab, I Don't know just how much balls you have but if you could get someone to cover your butt with a car, in the street area adjacent to the greenway/bike boulevard just ride in your power wheelchair down the street mostly obstructing the drive lane and make the Police arrest you make sure you inform the news agencies as you do this, Not before but as you do it. Make sure there are plenty of video's shot. I do think this will resolve the problem permanently for power chair prohibition.

    As an FYI along with my years of Codes Enforcement experience, I was a Superintendent of Public Works for over 20 years. The laws and REgulations of the ADA are not a request for the States, Counties, cities, or town's to comply to that mandate. For public entities such a States,etc. this law has big teeth, with revenue sharing being the largest teeth. I had a very nice lady as my boss (Mayor) she asked one Fed. representative "OH would the government really fine us or make us do that"??? HE said just as nicely, "well let your town just not comply with every requirement and just see what will happen". (This is what some banks "CITI"etc. thought when they committed bank fraud.)

    ADA compliance folks will not inspect the job for compliance, but await YOUR formal complaint. Then the Poo Poo hits the fan! As I seem to recall the city or entity can be fined $35,000 per day of non-compliance, since a major funded rebuild was initiated. That period can at this point, be many years of accumulated finable time !

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    Lol, no powerchair for me, Bob, I just randomly came across that blurb on their website when I was looking for something else.

    According to some local ADA compliance, blah, blah, whatever superintendent the curb cut I care the most about is scheduled to be redone in a couple months. We shall see. I have some free time coming up in a couple months and I know where to buy concrete mix....

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