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Thread: Is sweating always symptom of AD? Please Help!

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    Is sweating always symptom of AD? Please Help!

    hello everyone,
    I haven't posted here in a while but was hoping I could get some questions answered. I'm a C4 quad from a 1981 motorcycle accident. About three years ago I was diagnosed with a L4 L5 bulging disc which I feel might have recently gotten much worse. Last Monday night, my left leg started spasming quite badly, it would spasm then relax once every minute and did so for approximately 4 hours. It continue to do this almost all night long. Over the week, the spasms have gotten worse and are now affecting both legs and my lower back. I also noticed Tuesday morning that I've lost most sensation in my left leg . I have an appointment scheduled with a neurosurgeon tomorrow but in the meantime was hoping I could ask you all about dysreflexia. I ask because when I have these problems with the spasms I also sweat a lot. This sweating can be from anywhere on my upper body but mostly on the right side. Again, I sweat a lot it can appear almost instantly to the point where it's running down my forehead. I don't feel light headed and don't currently own have a blood pressure cuff but I plan on getting one. What I'm wondering is, does the sweating necessarily mean I'm experiencing autonomic dysreflexia? Thanks for any info you all can provide!

    Dan G
    Daniel G.

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    Sweating like this can be a symptom of AD; it varies with the individual. The one thing you must have to have actual AD is an elevated blood pressure: at least 30 mm Hg systolic over your baseline.

    Inappropriate sweating, and increased spasticity can also be symptoms of an enlarging syrinx. Have you been evaluated for this? This would be consistent with loss of sensation where you previously had sparred sensation as well, although that can also occur with spinal nerve root compression (as can occur due to a ruptured intervertebral disk) A spinal MRI would be needed to diagnose either of these problems, so you may need to see a neurosurgeon who specializes in spinal problems.


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    Does this happen only when you are in bed? What is your sleeping position? Could it be aggravating your L4/5 discs? I started having weird, sudden left leg and foot spasms a few months ago. They occurred at regular intervals, similar to yours. My problem is due to sleeping with a twisted trunk, with my legs flopped to the left, but my back mostly flat. My doctor said I am probably straining my lower spine (sacral?), which connects to the lower leg nerves. Sure enough... I now prop my knees up with two pillows (still tilted to the left, but only a little), and a pillow between my knees, and the spasms are gone.

    I've known I've had a bad sleeping position for 32 years, but I was putting myself in bed (no help), and never had negative symptoms until now. I avoid sleeping flat on my back, due to possible foot drop and pressure on the heels and tailbone. I have help now at night to position the pillows (under my knees), but we don't put pillows behind my back/hips (the way you're supposed to) because it hurts my shoulder too much to sleep on it.

    I also used to sweat when the spasms happened, which I think is due to pain (even though I don't feel it). I consider this a mild form of AD, even though BP is not elevated.

    Good luck! Your problem sounds more serious than mine. Let us know what the neurosurgeon says.

    This might help you see if L4/5 are the cause of your specific spasms:
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    NO, there is silent AD. AD is elevation of 20 mmHG above normal. AD can be SILENT but common symptoms vary such as flushing, goosebumps, sweating, stuffy nose, headache, fast pulse or slow pulse etc..
    IF elevated, find cause and take care of it and should go back to normal.

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    my right leg started doing the same thing and i had the strange sweating. any chance you take ditropan xl and started using the generic for it?

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    An infection or bowel problems can also cause increased spasticity.

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    Thanks & any recommendations on CT & NYC area neurosurgeons?

    Thank you all for your replies. Dave yes, it does get worse when I'm lying flat in my bed. Turning to my right side alleviate things a little but I still do get spasms and bouts of sweating. I only have use of my left arm so its hard for me to turn onto my left side. The doctor I visited the other day wasn't very helpful, he said my condition was way too complicated for him. I had a feeling he might say that but was hoping he could at least order the MRI but he wasn't willing to do that considering he wouldn't do follow up care. Just wondering if anyone on this group is familiar with any good neurosurgeons in the York City & Connecticut area? The doctor I visited suggested I follow up with the doctors at the University of Miami as I've had 2 laminectomies there under Dr Barth Green but that's way too far to travel and I didn't get good care there anyway.
    The doctor I visited did seem sure that the problems I'm having are not related to the L4 L5 bulging disc and felt it was probably more related to the C4-C5 tethering I currently have. I'm sure the problem in my neck may have some effect on what's going on but I'm sure the current problem with the bulging disc is causing most of the symptoms. For example, when I go to use my urinal, I have to twist my hips to the right and when I do so my left leg goes into severe spasm and I immediately start sweating. Also, when I'm sitting straight up in my wheelchair, my legs are for the most part calm but when I recline I immediately start sweating and my legs go into spasm which is the same thing that happens when lying in bed.
    Also, I finally bought a blood pressure cuff from CVS which gave me a reading of 145 over 82 where are usually run about 110 over 82. I checked its accuracy with my physical therapists Omron BP cuff and it seems pretty accurate.
    Anyway, thank you again for your info and listening to my rant and thanks in advance for any referrals to New York City area neurosurgeons.
    Dan G. in CT

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    The lumbar problem may be causing the AD but the AD is from the cervical injury( or above T6).

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    My skin breakdown can cause me sweating. Or a gel pad going bad. I sweat from so many different things its hard to pinpoint.
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