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Thread: Photography, I was on the News Watch my Video

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    Photography, I was on the News Watch my Video

    Check it out. I recently entered and placed in a local Nature Photo Contest. I got 3 category awards 1st, 1st, 3rd and the #1 overall People Choice Award.

    The ConDucktor: By Greg Wickenburg. Best Of The Best, 1st Place - People Choice Overall Winner.

    1. The ConDucktor: Creature Worth Noticing - 1st Place, Best of Category. [Also Won: (Best Story)]
    2. Roadrunner: This Beautiful City - 1st Place, Best of Category
    3. Duckwings: Creature Worth Noticing - 3rd Place, Best of Category.

    The news came out to interview me. A bit embarrassing, but fun.

    You can see more of my photography here,

    Most of my photos are Double Exposures, done completely in camera only.No computer editing.

    Thisis me on the news...

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    Great! You should share some of your photos here. We have a number of other photographers who share their work.


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    Nice work Greg!

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    Excellent photographs!

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