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Thread: Makeshift emergency temporary cushion?

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    Glad you are getting it squared away. If you can get a used Stimulite say 18x18 its not that hard to cut them. Compress between two pieces of wood where you want to cut, then use a utility knife. A friend of mine has cut one with an electric bread knife. And if your like me go to the junk yard ( or get a friend to) get the back seat out of a Mercedes or BMW. They use great foam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WC_Sage View Post

    Regarding yesterday's post:
    "My cushion is a special order because it's 13" wide x 18" long ... and I looked at those Stimulites, I can't even get close to a size ... " - your 13x18 size Stimulite Contoured is available as suggested by Oddity.
    Well I'll be damned. My DME swore up and down J3 was the only cushion he could possibly get in that size and that it was a custom order. Serves me right for listening to him. I think I will get one of these for backup on my next chair.

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    Stimulite Contour XS is my personal favorite cushion. Reliable. Stable. Machine washable. Awesome pressure mapping (for my bony butt). Sometimes, when I scooch forward to cath, the pommel/hump of the countour pushes up into my taint/prostate and makes inserting a cath difficult. I've learned to move over a bit when scooching forward to avoid this.
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    Yeah, I think this might be a good option for me. A lot of the time when I'm watching TV or typing on my computer like now I have my hips shifted forward so on a J3 my backside is no longer on the air cushion. Since the stimulite has the same material throughout I would theoretically still be getting the same amount of cushion when slouching.

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    Stimulite Contour XS gives good support even if you reposition for change of pressure points. Extra XS layer is worth it IMO, and contour shape keeps legs in comfy position. You may need to adjust footrest height because cushion does not depress much. It also is the coolest (ie, temperature) cushion I have found, which has helped keep my skin good. Being able to wash entire cushion, not just cover, is outstanding if you have incontinence mishaps. I wash mine at home in utility sink, and it takes a while to air dry so you need a backup cushion for that period. (Dries faster in front of fan.) Definitely buy from for best price, any custom size, and great customer service.

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    I'd also suggest going with the standard polyester cover Stimulite Contour XS comes with--this allows best air flow, and since cushion is washable "waterproof" is not really necessary to protect inner material. This cover comes with a built-in little pocket flap which I love for cell phone, glasses, etc.--it can be folded under if you don't need it.

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