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Thread: Handrims/Pushrims more grip but more heat???

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    Handrims/Pushrims more grip but more heat???

    I had a look at a variety of pushrims and slip on covers at my local DME (I'm looking for more grip).

    Out of all them I liked these the best as they were super grippy . But both the guys in the shop who I trust said, 'More grip equals more heat when slowing down' and they can burn your hands?

    I don't know whether to take a chance on buying a pair or not, and would value the opinion of you guys/gals.
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    If they are the same as what's sold in the US they are slippery when wet and lose chunks of plastic when scraped. Might go back and get your hand wet and see how grippy they are. Also look for some threads on fixing coated hand rims. I just push on the tires, only use the hand rims to slow down. If you decide to so that, you get to read all the threads on gloves, to keep your hands clean (what fun eh?)

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    these guys are right. It's the same on your car when you're braking : your brakes come hot.
    But here, your brakes are your hands obviously, and the choice is yours, poor grip and low braking temperature, and the reverse is true.
    That's why some handrims like Surge have grip on the top and are raw aluminium underneath. Pushing with the palm, braking with the fingers allows you to control the grip and the heat.
    Most of the times, hard black plastic (your doc) are not the more grippy. I think the grippyest plastic is softer, for exemple Polyurethane or Silicone elastomer.
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    Years ago I picked up a Kurshall 3000GT from a hi-function quad. It had plastic coated rims-shiny black.
    They were like power brakes on a car, but would overheat my skin quickly if used for more than a few seconds-like coasting on an incline.
    I think what happens is the coefficient of friction is high (good) but instead of distributing most of the heat into an aluminum rim, the plastic insulates it (bad) and the temperature of your hand spikes!

    I also had oval hand rims with a 1/2" wide rubber ring around the periphery; I removed the rubber-the edge of it became like a hot knife cutting my palm.

    And even with good asymmetrical hand-rims, I still push 90% on the tire without gloves; just watch out for dog shit!
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    Hi, that's such good advice from all you, it's really appreciated. And I never thought about your bare hands not being able to shed heat build up due to the rims being insulated. I know when you brake the kinetic energy is converted to heat energy and the heat obviously has to be dissipated. Also I never gave it a thought how the rims might not perform in the wet?

    I think the rims are just basic aluminium rims dipped in this form of plastic coating. I remember doing similar, coating the handgrip of a tool we'd made in school metalwork class.

    Robotnik - I will give your braking technique a go.
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    I forgot about wet-yes, they really don't stop you when wet.
    I peeled mine off and used the bare aluminum beneath-worked fine, but the aluminum oxide formed on bare aluminum would get all over my fingers and palms, so I clear-coated them in lacquer.
    Easy to do-just scuff yup with ScotchBrite, then spin paint it. But the clear coat only lasts 4-6 months before wearing through.
    Anybody want a pair of rims?
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    I just picked up a pair of my handrims today that I had sprayed with Line-X bedliner. They look good and don't feel to abrasive, but haven't had a chance to use them so time will tell. Cost for getting a pair done was $75. I'm told they can be touched up if needed or built up in thickness later if desired.

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